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The Go-Go rocks, Matt! EACH one brings up a song or album I never knew existed! Certainly didn't know this was ever pressed, but I understand why it was on Capitol...to keep whatever Beach Boy publishing in-house!! I enjoyed your shout-outs to Usher and Christian, both hallowed figures in Brian Wilson/BB lore!

Christian was a local L.A. DJ (KFWB-AM) and car nut, that Wilson dad, Murry, brought to Brian to bring his car knowledge and lyrics to potential car songs Murry wanted Brian to write. In fact, I just began an article yesterday about another vaunted lyricist with whom Brian worked in the '60s.

A hint: He became a staff producer at Warner Bros. Records for a couple decades starting in the early '70s as the Beach Boys made their label switch from Capitol to the Label of The Bunny! Stay tuned, Matt, as I will to "Going to a Go-Go"!

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